iskhan animal supplies donation to taman safari bogor

Saturday, May 9th, 2020. Mr Ricky Muharam as representative from Sistar Indonesia, PT. visited Taman Safari Bogor, West Java, Indonesia to deliver donation from all iskhan consumers to sustain the animal live there. Current COVID-19 situation forced Taman Safari Bogor to close it’s activity as a step taken to support government’s Big Scaled Social Distancing program. As a result, to keep all the animal healthy and get enough food is proven to be difficult.

Thank you for the trust that all Iskhan & Home consumer given to us, Because of that we are able to make donation Rp.1000 from every sales/bag of Iskhan or Home products to be donated to zoos in Indonesia as our step in rescuing animal in COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Ricky Muharam (representative from Sistar Indonesia, PT.)

Mr. Ricky (3rd person from the left) accompanied by Mr. Irfan Hakim (3rd person from the right) as an Indonesian public figures and animal activist and lover went to Taman Safari Bogor and given animal supplies donation in pet food, medication, and shampoo products, The donation received by Taman Safari Bogor, here is the representative statement:

Thankyou for the donation of pet food, shampoo, and medicines given to Taman Safari Bogor by Iskhan Indonesia and through Mr. Ricky, these donations is very meaningful and valuable for our animals here.

Taman Safari Bogor representative

Iskhan is also encourage you to take part in keeping the animals well being by donating. All donation you given will be donated to zoos in indonesia to fulfill our vision together to sustain well being of animals.

You can also donate directly to Taman Safari by transfer to BCA a/n PT Taman Safari Indonesia 6801777811 or Scan barcode here

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