Regular Program

This is the beginning of your jour journey in grooming career. These courses is the ultimate courses you can get to be the best groomer in Indonesia. Every technique and necessary skills will be taught here, everything you need to be professional groomer and to make your own grooming salon, all in one package. Later you will be assessed and get certified for your level that internationally approved. For you who wanted to just have the skills as hobbyist or as a salon owner, do not worry we also have class for you. You are in good hands.

E-Learning Program / Webinar / Online Live Training

E-Learning Program 1

E-Learning Program 1 aims to equip learners with no prior knowledge in pet grooming or animal care to learn the basics in Pet Grooming in online classes and face-to-face meeting.

E-Learning Program 2

E-Learning Program 2 aims to equip learners to the intermediate level for those who has basic understanding of pet grooming in online classes and face-to-face meeting.

Online Live Training

Online Live Training is a short courses aim to equip learners with specific subject of pet grooming with online tools. This course is still require to have face-to-face meeting.


Our school is a member and appointed Grooming School of Ace Grooming School, Korea. As the grooming industry in Indonesia has entered a new phase, we strongly encourage our students to take it to the next level. Get certified by the Korea Kennel Federation after your course. Certification of Master, A, B and C Class is conducted annually.  You will possess the newest, most up-to-date knowledge from the latest generation of qualified pet grooming instructors.

Certified Professional Trainer

While studying with us, you will be guided by qualified personel. Your instructors is certified by ACE Grooming School Korea. You are in good hands.

Professional Practical Exposure

Regular classes will have close exposure to actual day-to-day pet grooming salon operation. You will also experience business side of pet grooming salon.

Keep Up With Latest Trends

Pet Grooming is tightly connected with trends, so our courses will be influenced by trends happening, especially in South Korea. We bring you the latest creative grooming for you to learn.

We dream to bring Pet Grooming culture from Korea to be big at Indonesia too. We provide you with courses for you who want to take pet grooming one step further. Let’s get certified with us and start your professional grooming career, join us to start your journey in learning pet grooming professionally.

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