Business Trend 


Pet Aesthetic is a new concept in Indonesia. Since establishment in January 2020, Iruka Pet Aesthetic offers Therapeutic Grooming and Styling concept for dogs and cats.

The behavior of pet owners who make pets part of their family affects the development of pet salons and pet clinics in Indonesia. While increasing awareness about pet treatment also helping to drive dynamic growth in mid-priced and premium dog and cat treatment. This makes the opportunities for doing pet aesthetic business extremely promising, potential, and sustainable.

Partnership are always a challenge, but creating a franchise ownership has its own unique issues. Iruka Pet Aesthetic is here to answer this challenge.

Benefits Cooperating With Us


  1. Business Opportunities

    Extremely promising potential, and sustainable for doing mid-priced and premium pet aesthetic business as it’s a new concept in Indonesia.


  1. Guaranteed Quality of Services

    We offer advanced service such as salon, shop, clinic, pet hotel, pet travel, and grooming school.


  1. Guaranteed Quality Management

    We offer advanced management based on our system.


  1. Membership Programs

    We have lifetime care programs and special discount for our members.


  1. Co-Branding and Co-Promotion

    We have our own social media platform to boost our branding and promotion.


  1. Increasing Buying Powers

    Bring in more customer by partnering with Iruka Pet Aesthetic.

Cooperation Options

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